Friday, January 18, 2019

1000 People of Dance

Its been only 50 years ago today that this young Marine officer said hello to LBJ in the Oval Office; two days before he left office. Long story short my dad had provided information to a democrat big whig in NY state that might be of use for LBJ. The big whig said what can he do for my dad which he declined but asked that he try to get me into see LBJ before he left office. I was not aware of the backstory until dad told me the White House visit was set up. I had just returned from Vietnam and on leave between duty stations. On Sat in Jan 1969 I went to the White House, checked in at the West Wing. After about 30-45 min someone said; "The President will see you now.". LBJ came right up and shook my hand and was telling one of his grandchildren (off camera to right) to salute the Marine. We chatted maybe a minute and then it was over. Don't remember what was said. The man in the background is Tom Johnson, presidential aide (no relation to LBJ). Also present was Luci Baines Johnson, president's daughter, and her son Patrick Lyndon, the one to do the saluting. BTW: sometime later dad was able to get the photo autographed and either LBJ ignored my rank at the time (1stLt) or it was after I had been promoted to Captain in the Marines when he signed it.