Wednesday, February 25, 2009

STOP Networking and Remember, Reach-Out and Re-connect

"Take everything you have ever heard or learned about
networking and just throw it out. That's right. Throw it out. Because...
Networking as we know it - IS CRAP! .It doesn't work!"

So said Bob Beaudine, CEO of Eastman & Beaudine, at a recent PowerLunch message hosted by Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX.  As Bob and I had lunch, along with several hundred others, he presented a contrarian view of networking for job, business and career opportunities. 

As his website states with millions seeking a job who do you think is more likely to help you?  A website, someone who doesn't know you or that personal friend that knows your talent, energy, drive and ambition first-hand.  Bob cited his own networking business efforts where he collected over 5,000 contacts, but only 87 provided the most significant business and success.

I was intrigued by his point of view and will have to read the book. As one seeking the best next opportunity [have suitcase, will travel for a freelance training gig], I asked my Plano, TX library system to get the the book.  Got to use my tax dollars wisely.

Bob offered other views worth remembering from his executive recruiting experience in sports and entertainment.  Hiring authorities have four questions in mind about candidates:
  1. Do I know you?
  2. Do I like you?
  3. Do you understand my needs?
  4. Are you the best for me in my particular situation?
When the decision maker can say 'yes' about you to these questions, then you are the one.  Skills, experience, education wouldn't matter much when you realize "I can't deny the fact that you like me! You like me!"

What a great feeling to be wanted because they like you as a person.  Instead of an employee who we think can do this job which we are going to pay our money.  And you may not even like us.

Last Point

Bob asked the audience a question to help understand the power of WHO!, to identify your dream in life and how to get it.

Who was your moment maker?

I am still thinking about it.  Time you should as well.  Thanks for the message, Bob.

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