Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HOW TO Use The Brand New Buffer For LinkedIn

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There was some great news from LinkedIn announced recently. The 3rd largest Social Network, announced that over 150 million users are now on board using the platform.

Hitting that milestone couldn’t be timed any better. Over here at Buffer, we are excited to let you know, that from today onwards, you are able to Buffer your LinkedIn updates very easily.

It is the third Social Network we are supporting now, on top of Twitter and Facebook.

Our goal with Buffer is to help you be awesome on Social Media and being able to conveniently Buffer LinkedIn updates, was a vital step for us on the way.

How to connect your LinkedIn account to Buffer

Adding your LinkedIn account is super easy. If you are inside your Buffer dashboard, you can simply click the “+add” sign next to any of your connected Social accounts.

From there, pick LinkedIn from the selection of Social networks. It will conveniently connect you with your profile and you will also have the option to change it if you don’t have the right account connected.


Adding updates to LinkedIn

From then onwards, adding any new update works exactly like it does with Twitter and Facebook. Whenever you are reading an article, you can hit the Buffer button from one of our browser extensions.

It will bring up the Buffer box for you. Pick the right account and you are good to go to. Of course, it will allow you to choose the right picture and post it with link preview and thumbnail for you:


The way it will appear on LinkedIn is just like any other status update, that you manually post on there.



Some cool thoughts on Buffering LinkedIn updates vs. feeding Twitter to it.

Before being able to Buffer LinkedIn updates, what I tried out was feeding my Tweets to LinkedIn automatically. Whilst this appeared to work well, it made me very lazy and didn’t create any value for my connections there.

It was pure information overload and no effort from my side went into it at all. Plus I never checked my LinkedIn because of it. By Buffering much more selectively only what I feel is interesting for my connections, I feel I could create a lot more value on there. What are your thoughts on this?


Upgraded Free and Pro plans for you!

As we have added LinkedIn, we have also expanded both our main plan and the Pro for you to give you some extra flexibility when Buffering:

  • On our main free plan, you can now connect one account of each Social Network (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • On our Pro plan, you can now connect up to 6 different Social Accounts in one go and post to them.


Ok, I hope this is a helpful addition for your social networking efforts. So, over to you now. What are your thoughts on the latest Buffer feature? What else would you like to see?

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