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Threatened by Our Ethically Challenged Era: What Should We Do? - September 7 First Friday Book Synopsis

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First Friday
Book Synopsis:
September 7, 2012

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Extended Sessions 
for Serious Issues

"Our ethical foundations
seem a little shaky.  
It's time to shore up
our foundations."




Ethical Undergirding in a World of Intentional, Even Willful, Blindness


In this LIBOR/Penn State/lack of honesty and transparency world, this session will help you answer this question: 

Is your ethical foundation rock solid - the ethical foundation in your organization? 


Many distrust our organizations and institutions.  It is time to do a little rebuilding.  This is the time to tackle this issue head on, with genuine honesty, about your own leadership, and the practices and ethical back up systems within your own organization.


This extended session is led by Randy Mayeux.

Randy Mayeux will draw from numerous current and business books:  Willful Blindness:  Why We Ignore the Honest at our PerilSituation Ethics; The Honest Truth about Dishonesty:  How We Lie to Everyone - Especially Ourselves; The Big Short; What Matters Now; and others.


This extended session lasts 3 hours. 
With depth, substance, the right level of "we've got to get serious about this" approach, this session will help your team do a much needed analysis of the ethical undergirding in your own organization. 




What is the most pressing issue in your organization? 
We have other "extended sessions" on such issues as Creativity and InnovationCommunication Issues, Corporate Culture, and others.  


And we can custom-design an extended session to help you deal with your most pressing challenges, such as:  strategy; execution; finding, building and keeping the right people.  


Whatever you deal with, we can help you build a more content-rich foundational understanding of the best thinking on your issue.  And then we can help you develop your own game plan, to successfully tackle your most pressing issue.


Karl Krayer and Randy Mayeux have presented synopses of the best business books for over 14 years, so our "inventory" is deep. And, if we haven't presented enough books dealing with "your issue," we can find the best books on your issue, and then get up to speed pretty quickly...


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Call us to discuss how an extended session
may be just what you need as you tackle the 
most serious issue, your most serious challenge,
in your organization.

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Every Nation for Itself

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