Sunday, August 18, 2013

BEWARE of LinkedIn email bearing gift of free $50 ad promo coupon.

Page 1 looks like this:

AND read page 2 of the email for the kicker.

My bad for not reading the fine print on page 2.  In short order I went way over the $50 promo value since I didn't set a daily budget and ending date for the ad campaign.

As SHE who cashes my paycheck said 'lessons learned'.

In my email to LinkedIn to confirm that I cancelled the ad campaign I mentioned that it would be better for customers to have an OPT-IN requirement.  Customer using the ad promo coupon would have to opt-in to continue the ad once the coupon value limit had been reached.  Right now you have to OPT-OUT to stop the charges.

BTW: if you are also offered a free 30-day trial for LinkedIn's Job Seekers Premium [currently looking for best next opportunity] take it...for just 30 days.  I did try it and setup a reminder to cancel after 30 days.  Because if you don't cancel you start paying for it.  It was an upgrade that I couldn't justify for my current job search efforts. The basic plan is sufficient for now.

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