Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fwd: I love you all and want to show it

Still time to enter contest to watch final episode of 'Breaking Bad' with cast and crew in LA.
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Aaron Paul loves you so much!

Dear My Favorite Most Incredible People in the World,

Yesterday, I said that if we can reach our goal of $900K, that we are going to offer all new prizes and more winners. Well you guys smashed it. You crushed it. You basically sent that goal to Belize. Because of you we have now raised over $1.4M (that's up from $1.3M when I made the video just two hours ago!) to heal the impact of bullying!

And the crazy thing is we still have a couple hours to go. So to thank you again, if we can raise another $100K and get to $1.5M before it ends tonight, we will double down on all the prizes you earned yesterday! We will send signed hazmats suits to 5 more third place winners and will have another second place winner fly out to the finale with a guest. 

And for the grand prize winner…well I don't even know what to say because our weekend really couldn't be more amazing. Maybe we can somehow travel back in time together and save Jane's life? Or I can become the godfather to your children? Basically, whatever you guys want to do this weekend, we'll do! And because of your efforts yesterday, we are going to make a movie about the whole experience.

So please click the link below and go to one last time.
I do not have the words to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you for the being the best fans in the world.

Enter now:

Have an A1 Day,

PS – The winners from Giancarlo's contest yesterday are… 

1. Scott Zambelli from Michigan
2. Rheal Doyle from Canada
3. Rich Mysliwiec from Texas
4. Greg Aurand from Indiana
5. Donna-Davitto Macy from Kansas

Watch the Breaking Bad finale with the cast!

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