Friday, December 5, 2014

Rejoice in blocking spam calls!

Its fun to finally block all those calls.  I sure could have used it during the 2014 Texas primary election period.  I would have liked blocking those event-specific robo calls. 

Very easy to setup with diagrams, photos and text.  My land line service provider only allows for 10 calls to be blocked by them which is very inadequate.  I manually added a few 10-digit spam callers I had on record along with several area codes. That along with adding several others categories suggested in the owner's manual has cut just about all spam calls immediately.

The best setup for call blocker is to have it connected to the main master socket/jack (where the phone line first enters the location) as opposed to another phone jack.  This allows you to block any new incoming calls by answering them at the extension, press *2 and the number is added to the blocked list.  

I was not able to connect to the main jack due to its location but all worked well.  It took just a few minutes to add a few of the most persistent 10-digit calling numbers, several area codes and I am good to go.  Rejoice!!!

My Panasonic phone systems saves 'missed calls' so every few days I can review them and if they repeat I will manually add them or their area code not on the list.

Have fun hitting the red button.

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