Monday, December 26, 2011

@GeekSquad & Jeffery B. on Christmas Day is my hero!!



Great to have someone to ask for help late on Christmas Day and Jeffery was least in a virtual way as we used Geek Squad chat connection.

In trying to fix a WiFi connection problem with my Kindle Fire I wanted to upgrade the firmware for the WiFi router.  It seemed easy enough from the manufacturer's website and then I remembered my Tech Support contract.

So let's use the service.  In a whole lot less time than if I tried it, Jeffery got the router upgraded and answered a few related questions.  First time used the service and it made a great first impression.

Geek Squad needs to clone more of Jeffery-types in the customer service support arena so it spreads to other industries.

Hey, Geek Squad BIG CHIEF WAHOO:  For the value that Jeffery brought to virtual conversation, you got me renewing my Tech Support contract for 2012.

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