Sunday, July 14, 2013

Improve your LinkedIn profile - an experiment from Marzia Neri of Frankfurt, Germany

"I have an idea" wrote Marzia Neri in the LinkedIn Job Seekers Premium group. [She continues below.]

 "Tell me what do you think about it.

Since HR managers and recruiters have no time to judge candidates, we can make one thing.
We can check for 30 or 40 seconds the profile of members replying to this post and then telling them via private message (or even in public, if they give their permission!):
- what we understood of their profile;
- does it seem professional to us;
- is there something missing at first glance;
- is there something redundant;
- is there something brilliant;
- would we hire them;
- and everything else that comes to your mind!

Even if many of us are not professional recruiters, we could understand better the recruiter point of view, understand from other profiles what is missing in ours, and much more!

Of course... in case we don't appreciate something, we shouldn't be harsh!"

I was provided a free 30-day trial offer to Job Seekers Premium and wanted to share Marzia's idea with those who don't have a subscription.  Her discussion so far has generated 190+ comments so she is onto something.  Shall we try it out in this group?

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